Mind Power: Thought Techniques for High-Powered Trading

91J8wMnr8cL._SL1500_Each of these essays was a biweekly column submitted and published at traderspress.com. As I considered and wrote each of these columns, I applied the concepts to my own trading and living. I found the results to be cumulative and powerful.
Since I had experienced success utilizing the ideas, I offered them to my trading clients to expand their professionalism as winning traders. I was gratified to observe their empowering results.
The human mind is a powerful engine for success—or failure. How you run your mental machinery is crucial to trading and investing profitability. Take each of these steps and explorations one at a time. Take them seriously, and see what you can do with them.
Remember, however, that strong ideas only deliver when fully absorbed and turned into action.

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Table of Contents

Part 1
Goal Setting as a Path to Achievement
Setting Goals so They Stick
Keys to Trader Self Talk
Affirming Better Trading
Super-Charging Your Affirmations
Story Power
Setting Clear Intentions
Thought + Action = Success
Winning and Losing

Part 2
A Look at Fear
A Look at Greed
Mental Rehearsal for High Powered Trading
Your Powerhouse of Possibility
Learning through Failure
The Power of the Right Question
Seeding Thoughts for Prosperity through Trading

Part 3
Are You Ready and Willing to Create Great Wealth?
Beliefs that Support Wealth Creation
Believing in Abundance
A Look at Trading through Historic Values
Justice and Trading
Courage and Trading
Moderation and Trading
Wisdom and Trading
Forgiveness and Trading

Part 4
Five Secrets for Trading and Investing Success
Getting Right with Trading Basics
What is Holding You Back?
A Delicate Balancing Game
Your Special Unique Trading Strengths and Weaknesses
Seasons to Trading
The Myth of Security
Accepting the Unknowable Future
Maintaining Sanity in a Schizophrenic Market

Part 5
The Heart and Mind of Trading
Suggestions or Commandments
Some Rules for Living Applied to Trading
Always Be Learning
The Confident Trader
Applying Seven Huna Principles to Trading
The World is What You Think it is
There Are No Limits
Energy Flows Where Attention Goes
Now is the Moment of Power

Part 6
To Love is to Be Happy With
All Power Comes From Within
Effectiveness is The Measure of Truth
Desire and Fear in Trading
Desire and Action
The Role of Grace in Trading
How Beliefs Drive Trading
Viewing the Past, Present, and Future of Your Trading
Formulas for Successful Trading
Your Trading Mission
The Art of Balanced Trading
The Gift of Learning
Applying the 80/20 Principle to Trading

Part 7
Responsibility and You
Find Certainty in the Midst of the Unknowable
Moving From What You Don’t Want to What You Do Want
Your Emotional Center
Shifting Your Emotions
Trial and Triumph


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