Twelve Habitudes of Highly Successful Traders

81fh+FGKpvL._SL1500_The mental aspect of trading contributes more to the success or failure of a trader than the system he uses, the trading rules he uses, or any other factor. This important new book discusses in detail twelve habitudes (habits and attitudes) that are vital to trading success and teaches you how to develop the mental and emotional skills essential to successful trading.

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Table of Contents

The Habitudes: An overview of the habitudes. Self-test on the twelve habitudes.
Chapter One: The Habitude of Preparedness
Chapter Two: The Habitude of Detachment
Chapter Three: The Habitude of Willingness to Accept Loss
Chapter Four: The Habitude of Taking Controlled Risk
Chapter Five: The Habitude of Thinking Probabilities
Chapter Six: The Habitude of Being Comfortable with Uncertainty
Chapter Seven: The Habitude of Taking the Long Term View
Chapter Eight: The Habitude of Abundance Consciousness
Chapter Nine: The Habitude of Optimism
Chapter Ten: The Habitude of Open Mindedness and Clarityof Thought and Perception
Chapter Eleven: The Habitude of Courage
Chapter Twelve: The Habitude of Discipline